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Crosswalk of the Modified and 2014 Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals


This crosswalk of the modified and 2014 versions of the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (Core Competencies) illustrates the relationships between specific competencies within these two versions. It contains a competency map that shows how the competencies within the modified version relate to those in the full 2014 version of the Core Competencies and can be used by public health professionals and organizations to help translate workforce development efforts based on the modified version to the full 2014 version.

The modified version is based on Tier 2 of the 2014 Core Competencies, with competencies mapping to Tier 3 only when there is no equivalent competency at the Tier 2 level. The items in bold within each domain in the modified version are the competencies that make up that version. Within each competency in the modified version, brief descriptions are included that illustrate the types of skills and knowledge represented by that competency.

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